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"The Sun,
With all those planets
Revolving around it
And dependent on it,
Can still ripen a bunch of grapes
As if it had nothing else
in the universe to do."

~ Galileo

Encinitas Sunset

I visited Encinitas, California celebrating an 18 year cycle of employment. I had now joined the collective body of the unemployed.

Sunsets of our years hold sunsets of our months hold sunsets of our days hold sunsets of our moments. Our stories are woven in golden sunsets.

People throng to the beach to watch their fireball in the sky descend from view. It awakens in us a reverence.

As the waves sustain their own rhythm in time.

Eye, ear and body attunes to earth and sky. This focus allows new pathways, new crevices to open between worlds.

In the quiet one watches and listens as if cast in a spell by the transmuting elements.

Then..."SeaDragon" spontaneously drifts through conscious mind. Then....I see them on top of the water moving North to South. Then...I feel an energetic mist encircle me. Magic happens.