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Transition Woodinville

A new personal and global myth is cracking open through the inner resilience of Gaia's planetary citizens and their transformation of local communities. These citizens are choosing hope and creativity in times of uncertainty and discovering that inner transition through heart and soul is the bridge to authentic outer change in the world.

Seven men and six women gathered at the Redmond, Washington library to discover Heart and Soul Resilience through:

Journeying as a Drop of Water
(Song by Dana Lyons ~
Weaving personal and planetary myth
Mapping your Circle of Myth mandala
Honoring elemental forces (water, fire, earth, air)
Tracking allies, totems, archetypes
Integrating parts of OneSelf
Celebrating Gaia and our New World Family
(Song by Narayan & Janet ~

Sponsored by Transition Woodinville, Heart and Soul Group

Trish meets Rob Hopkins, Founder Transition Network

Trish meets David Korten Trish meets re-economist David Korten, who is writing a new book, Change the Story, Change the Future. At the Sustainable Cities All Over Puget Sound (SCALLOPS), Fall Forward event, David stated, "The true story lives in the human heart, all we have to do is liberate it."